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Life Events

“Give us such faith that, by day and by night, in all times and in all places, we may without fail entrust those who are dear to us to your never-failing love…” 

~Book of Common Worship

From birth to death, the church is here to provide guidance, care, support and a framework for the important events of our lives.

Baptism is one of two sacraments celebrated in Presbyterian churches (Communion is the other).  In baptism, we recognize the strength and power of God’s love. This love reaches out to us and claims us even when we are too young to understand or accept that love. Yet every age is a time to baptize and we cherish opportunities to baptize older children and adults.  If a child is to be baptized, at least one parent should be part of the Broad Street worshiping community.

If you would like more information about Baptism, please contact Amy Miracle


A year long process, 8th graders meet to talk about who God is, where God is, how we can experience God and love others. With retreats and mission days scattered throughout the fall and winter and classes on Sunday mornings during the spring, students learn about God and about loving and serving others.  Mentors offer an important adult connection beyond that of parents.  All are welcome to join the classes–you don’t have to be a ‘church member.’ The only requirement is a willingness to learn and ask questions.

At the end of the year, students write a group faith statement about what they believe and decide if they would like to become full members of our community. Some do and some don’t. But all leave knowing more about God and experiencing God’s love.

For more information, contact Pastor Ann Palmerton


Your decision to be married in the church is a significant one. You are asking God’s blessing on your relationship. You are inviting the church to celebrate your marriage as a gift of God. And you are asking the church, as a community of faith, to stand with you as you begin your life together.

We welcome all who are interested in a wedding in our church to inquire with us about this possibility, and we would love to celebrate this special day with you.

Some frequently asked questions:

1. I am not a member, can I still get married at Broad Street Presbyterian Church?

Yes!  We do allow non-members to get married at BSPC, however, please note that we do give members priority, so non-members are not allowed to put a deposit down to hold the date more than one year before the wedding.

2. Are there any requirements?
We do require all couples to have a minimum of two premarital session with the clergy performing the ceremony.

3. How do I book my wedding?
When you are ready to set the date, an application and deposit must be made to save the date.  Please note, members can book far in advance, but non-members can only book one year out from the date of their wedding.

4. What other resources are available?
Items we have available online include our Application and our Wedding booklet, which describes the wedding ceremony in more detail.

For more information, contact the church office at 614-221-6552 or office@bspc.org.


Before, during and after a loved one passes away, Broad Street ministers are available to provide care, comfort, and assistance in planning services.  The church and its pastors are available for calling hours, funeral (where the deceased’s body is present), memorial and graveside services.

Contact the Church Office to speak with one of the Pastors.



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