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2018 Annual Campaign

Milestones Ministry is an intentional way we at BSPC connect church and home. Each Milestone invites at least two generations to interact with one another – most often children and parents – at important turning points because God is traveling with us! Each milestone occurs in worship and affirms the home as a primary location for faith formation.

In 2013, as part of her STM degree program at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Ann Palmerton wrote a thesis about Milestones Ministry at BSPC.  The thesis is now available in the church library.  In addition, an abbreviated version, (seven pages) recently published in the Trinity Seminary Review, is available here.  Special kudos go to the twelve BSPC families who participated in the interview process! 

Baptismal Anniversary Milestone

January 2017
Have you ever considered that an annual celebration of a child’s baptismal day is just as important as celebrating his or her birthday? “With a splash of water and a promise we have been called children of God.”
Those baptized in the previous year as well as their parents/family are invited to a one hour ‘check in’ and celebration of that special day.  In worship each family then receives a baptismal candle in preparation for celebrating their baptismal day at home.  The elder who was with the family at baptism participates as well.

Bedtime Faith Rituals Milestone

January 2017

The Bedtime Faith Rituals Milestone for 3 & 4 year old children focuses on the Bible and Prayer.  Parents explore how to engage in faith practices and talk at home by visiting interactive stations with their child, experiencing Bible stories and prayer.  Each preschooler chooses a children’s bible to take home, which is then presented, along with a blessing, at the worship service of their choice.

Confirmation Milestone

September 2016-March 2017
Eighth grade youth confirm the promises their parents made when they were baptized in the Confirmation Milestone.  This nine month retreat based model extends from September – April, each year.  Youth attend Sunday school (aka youth group), read the gospel of Mark and are immersed in the mission and ministry of the church.  Adult mentors are assigned and together they create a joint faith statement.  Confirmation concludes with a celebrative breakfast for youth and their extended families, and youth receive a blessing and gift in worship.

High School Graduation Milestone

May 2017
On Mother’s Day each year we recognize high school seniors and their parents.  Seniors receive a brown fleece blanket embroidered with the words “Go with God.”  These blankets often accompany BSPC to their college dorms!  The congregation celebrates these young people and their promise for the world.

90+ Milestone

August 2016

The legacy and wisdom of the long lived among us is celebrated in the 90+ Milestone.  All who have or will turn age 90 in the calendar year are celebrated briefly in worship and more leisurely during a reception following.  Parish nurses present an angel figure as a gift.

Bible Milestone

September/October 2016
Every fall second graders and their parent(s) enjoy a two week class preparing them to use their brand new bibles – the church’s book.  The class receives the children’s version of the Common English Bible (CEB) as a gift.

Baptism Milestone

Year Round
Baptism is all about belonging to God and God’s family.  When a baby is baptized the parent(s) are saying “My child belongs to God.”  When an adult is baptized he or she is saying, “My life belongs to God.”  At Broad Street we do that in community, and each person witnessing the baptism is connected with the one baptized.  Families choose an elder (church member who is or has served on the Session) to participate in the baptism. Contact Amy or Ann to schedule a baptism.

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