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Annual Campaign 2019:
A Decade of Difference

What A Decade of Difference the last 10 years have meant for us at Broad Street Presbyterian Church!

From 2008-2018 we have grown and changed in ways that:
• Welcome children more fully into worship
• Share a variety of musical traditions in worship
• Communicate in new ways – we now have an App, a Podcast, and building-wide Wi-Fi
• Increase the church’s financial stability, including fully paying off building loan debt

And what a difference Amy Miracle’s 10-year ministry has made for our church family and neighborhood.

As the needs in our community increase, we will continue to serve our neighbors. We trust God is leading us into the next ten years as we:

• Integrate our neighborhood ministries by deepening community partnerships
• Partner with Heartland High School, opening at BSPC in 2019, to support teen recovery
• Continue to explore new ways to worship and grow in our faith

Our Annual Campaign theme reminds us what a difference a decade makes. Reflect on your life over the last ten years, both what you have received from your church life and how you have given back.

We challenge you to think about the next ten years and how you are going to participate in making Broad Street the church that it can be and needs to be for our community.

Embrace giving. Offer your gifts of money, time and energy for God’s work through this church we love. Make a pledge. Together, we can make a difference in the decade ahead.

To make a pledge online, please fill out the form on this page or click on the link below to print a 2019 pledge card to mail to BSPC.


Alison Barret
Dick Briggs
Annual Campaign Team

Amy Miracle
Ann Palmerton
Associate Pastor
Broad Street Presbyterian Church


Annual Campaign Pledge Card 2019   |
Automatic Bank Withdrawal Form

Online Bank Bill Pay

If you wish to set up Bill Pay through your bank’s website, just establish BSPC as a payment. If you need to add an account number, we ask that you use your home or cell phone number. This way, if there is an issue, we can call the number to verify the account.

Online Pledge Form

I/ We want to establish/continue an automatic bank withdrawal to be debited on the 15th of the month for the pledge

I/We plan to give of ourselves in volunteer hours as part of my/our giving this year.

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