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2018 Annual Campaign

Malawi, a relatively small country on the African continent, is poor and has suffered from drought and floods as well as the spread of HIV/AIDS. In spite of the many challenges and hardships Malawi faces, the faith of its people remains strong. Malawi is known as “the Warm Heart of Africa.” With roots in the Church of Scotland, the Free Church of Scotland, and the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa, the CCAP was formed in the late 1940s. Since beginning its involvement in Malawi in the 1950s, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has sent many long-term and short-term mission personnel to serve in the country. The Synod of Livingstonia, one of four synods of the CCAP, grew out of a mission station founded in 1875 and named in honor of David Livingstone, the famed Scottish Presbyterian missionary. 

Broad Street’s Connection to Malawi:
Over ten Broad Street members have been to Malawi to serve in a variety of short term mission capacities; from medical education to digging shallow wells. One of our members is a native of Malawi.

Broad Street continues to support the work of the Church of Central African Presbyterian/Synod of Livingstonia and the Ekwendeni and Embangweni Hospitals. Programs such as the ETAT (Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment) help fund emergency care for those who are unable to pay for care. 

Another way Broad Street supports the work in Malawi is through the Shallow Well Program of Marion Medical Mission. Marion Medical Mission seeks to share the love of Christ with the extreme poor in Africa by providing all in need with a sustainable source of clean, safe drinking water. In the last 25 years Marion Medical Mission’s Shallow Well program has successfully worked with local villages and communities to install and maintain over 12,000 wells. For $400, a well can supply communities of up to 250 people with clean, safe drinking water. 



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