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2018 Annual Campaign

"…I am longing to see you so that I may share with you some spiritual gift to strengthen you or rather so that we might be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith…"
~Romans 1:11-12

Presbyterian missionaries from the United States and Scotland were first sent to Peru in the early 1900s. The PC(USA) works in partnership with the church that resulted from those early missionary efforts, the Evangelical Presbyterian and Reformed Church in Peru. The PC(USA)’s major involvement in Peru is through the Presbyterian Hunger Program’s Joining Hands Network.

In 1995, BSPC initiated a relationship with Presbyterian mission co-workers Hunter and Ruther Farrell in Lima, Peru, and the impoverished communities of that country. Since that time 15 years ago, over 100 Broadstreeters have crossed borders and joined hands with other children of God.

We’ve literally felt the presence of God in our feet, on our fingertips, and through our breaths in the moments that we’ve spent kicking a soccer ball, snapping a picture, sharing a meal, or praying with members of God’s family that are separated from us only by bothers and cultural realities. When those differences are stripped away, what we have been exposed to is the reality that we are in no uncertain terms, not all that different from one another. We face the same daily struggles and ask for God’s guidance on how to live a life full of essence and His spirit.

We have been given a gift through the relationships formed, and an opportunity to explore faithfully our walk with Christ through exchange with fellow Christians seemingly a world away.  

-Written by Broadstreeter Will Alexander

Jed and Jenny Koball are our mission co-workers with the PC(USA). They work with Joining Hands Against Hunger and the Young Adult Volunteer program.

Jed and Jenny’s ministry has an impact in both Peru and in the United States.  With the Joining Hands network in Peru, they are working to identify and respond to the root causes of hunger in Peru. 

Their latest newsletter can be found here.

Engaging in God´s Mission in Peru, an outline for 2016-2020 by Jed and Jenny Koball


Peru Update from Mission Co-Workers Jenny & Jed Koball - As Jenny and Jed start a new 4 year contract (2016–2020), they assembled a packet that outlines much of the justice work they engage in while serving in Peru.  How will we respond? Jenny and Jed work to explore this question in the packet and challenge their partners, us, to consider this question too.  In the packet, you will find: 

1.      ONE Global Partner: Red Uniendo Manos Peru

2.      TWO Mission Co-Workers: A little bit about us – Jenny and Jed

3.      THREE root causes of poverty identified by our Global Partner

4.      FOUR initiatives in addressing these root causes

5.      FIVE ways WE can get involved


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