Our Leadership and Staff

One of the things that makes Broad Street a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) is a system of government that puts equal weight on the leadership of the pastors and the leadership from the congregation. Lay leaders come from a broad cross-section of our congregation and a number serve on our leadership board.


Email: amiracle@bspc.org
Call: 614-221-6552 ext. 203

“My hope is that the church can be a place where all can experience the presence of God and talk about those things that are most important to them.”

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ANN PALMERTONAssociate Pastor
Email: apalmerton@bspc.org
Call: 614-221-6552 ext. 204

“When I was growing up I never thought I’d be a minister. I dreamt of being an astronaut or a teacher and later a lawyer! But a persistent nudging Spirit kept drawing me to offer my time and energy in equipping God’s people to be sent out to serve.”

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BRITTANY PORCHDirector of Mission and Education
Email: bporch@bspc.org
Call: 614-221-6552 ext. 205

“Growing up, I knew I wanted to be a teacher, so I lined up all my students (my mom, dad, and sister) and instructed them in the wisdom of Brittany’s childhood mind… I am still a teacher, but not in the way I was as a child, now I get to be a part of teaching and learning on Sunday mornings, at lock-ins, in the nursery, while serving community meals, on mission experiences to Peru, and in many, many more ways.”

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WILLIAM BOGGSDirector of Music Ministry
Email: wboggs@bspc.org
Call: 614-221-6552 ext. 219

“Music is a divine gift. It has a unique way of connecting the mind to the heart. It is this effect that makes the power of music so central to worship.”

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Email: jhildreth@bspc.org
Call: 614-221-6552 ext. 247

“The art of improvisation is an exciting aspect of the organ world, one which I enjoy exploring every week. So I consider it a great privilege to serve God and God’s people as a musician at Broad Street.”

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TRACY ROSSDirector of Neighborhood Ministries
Email: tross@bspc.org
Call: 614-221-6552 ext. 207
“Tracy Ross is the Director of Neighborhood Ministries who along with the Neighborhood Ministries Council and Staff strives to transform our neighborhood, one person at a time.
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Cheryl Carter

Cheryl Carter 
Director of Finance and Operations
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(614) 221-6552 ext. 206

Janis Wright

Janis Wright
Financial Assistant
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(614) 221-6552 ext. 210

Kathy Kelly-Long
Director, Broad Street Food Pantry
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(614) 221-6552 ext. 214

Robin Green

Robin Green
Director, COMPASS
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(614) 221-6552 ext. 234

Francine Marchelle

Francine Marchelle
Director, Broad Street Afterschool
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(614) 221-6552 ext. 254

Rosalind Swayne, Receptionist

Rosalind Swayne
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(614) 221-6552 ext. 201

Michael Tyler II
Technology Specialist
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(614) 221-6552 ext. 241

Maxwell Lawson
Building & Grounds Supervisor
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(614) 221-6552 ext. 245

Ernest Annor

Ernest Annor
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(614) 221-6552 ext. 245

LaBarron Huff
(614) 221-6552 ext. 245

Joan Bolinger
Minister of Visitation
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Bevelyn Carter
East Wing Greeter
(614) 221-6552 ext. 214

Darrell Carson - Finance and Database Assistant

Darrell Carson
Finance and Database Assistant
(614) 221-6552 ext. 250

Shawn Weatherby - Food Pantry Assistant/Evening Gatekeeper

Shawn Weatherby
Food Pantry Assistant /
Evening Gatekeeper
(614) 221-6552 ext. 209

Regan Tackett - Music Ministry Assistant

Regan Tackett
Music Ministry Assistant

Hannah Sturgeon
Children and Youth Ministry Assistant
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Kyle Fox
Marketing and Communications Manager
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Amy Forrest
Independent Caterer
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