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Our Commitment to Inclusion

In celebration of the God-given diversity of creation and the unconditional welcome extended to friend and stranger alike by our Lord Jesus Christ, Broad Street Presbyterian Church welcomes into its fellowship all who desire to be a part of this community of faith.

Each of us comes to God in the same way, unconditionally loved and accepted. Such is the nature of God’s grace. Therefore, all the sacraments, celebrations, privileges and responsibilities of church membership shall be available to each member of Broad Street Presbyterian Church. These include participation in all services of worship, availability of pastoral care, attendance at congregational meetings, the right to vote and eligibility for church leadership, as well as opportunities for fellowship, education and service. As a church, we are committed to living together in such a way that we give witness to Christ’s sacrificial life, saving death and glorious resurrection, by extending to all people the kind of hospitality exemplified in Jesus Christ our Lord.

– Approved unanimously by the Session, February 2000

This Statement of Inclusion grew out of a question posed by two members: could they have a Service of Holy Union in the sanctuary at BSPC?  That simple question prompted church wide conversation. Over a two month period, randomly generated small groups met. In all, hundreds of Broadstreeters shared meals and discussed the degree to which the sacraments, celebrations, privileges and responsibilities of church membership should be available to each and every member of Broad Street Presbyterian Church. Later in 2000, the requested Service of Holy Union took place in the sanctuary. Eighteen years later Broad Street is a church that has worked hard to create a community where the gifts of all people are welcomed and utilized.

Statement of Inclusion BSPC
No in-person worship until further notice. We will stream our worship service at www.facebook.com/BSPCColumbus