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Broad Street Achievement (BSA) school-year program is a Learning Extension Center Partner for Youth to do Remote Learning!

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In-Person Learning Extension Center (LEC): Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Location: Shiloh Baptist Church. 720 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43203.

Who we are

Established in 2000, licensed in the State of Ohio, Broad Street Achievement (BSA) programs provide out-of-school academic enrichment services for K-8 youth (ages 5-13) and their families. In addition, our program director sponsors internships for high school students (ages 14 and up).

Broad Street Achievement Programs provides free academic and healthy living development programming for families with youth ages 5-13 (grade levels K-8). These opportunities provide youth a safe and appropriate space for academic learning, one-to-one schoolwork coaching, and afterschool extended learning time. Our current program services are as follows:

Our Vision

We envision a neighborhood where all youth have an equitable opportunity to succeed.

Our Mission is to create a safe and inclusive youth development program for personal achievement.

BSA will help prepare youth for high school graduation, successful transition to post-secondary education, and the workforce.

Our Goals are to deliver quality youth programming that supports the development of essential life skills (academic achievement, healthy living, social, emotional, career, and positive citizenship).

Our Primary Objectives are to:

  • Academic Assessment: Through personalized pre-, interim-, and post-assessments, develop academic enrichment plans in support of 100% of our program youth’s academic skills improvement.
  • Academic Enrichment: Through homework assistance, reading and math tutoring, hands-on and on line learning experiences, provide 100% academic achievement support to youth and families.
  • Healthy Living Promotion: Through nutrition education, recreational physical fitness, and the provision of nutritious meals, support 100% promotion of our youth and families’ health and wellness habits.
  • Social Learning: Through our character building, inter-generational service, and artwork projects, provide 100% social emotional support for our youth.
  • Coaching: Match 100% of our youth with individually assigned coaches who will facilitate each youth’s successful achievement in our programs.
  • Resources: We partner with our other outreach programs such as BSPC Food Pantry, COMPASS, Legal Clinic, and Minor Home Repairs. Select here to learn more about those services.

Volunteer and Paid Opportunities

To learn more about each opportunity, select one or more of the following positions.

Open Positions: Volunteer * BSA Instructional-Coach * Building Companion

All candidates must use the following links to apply:

  1. Send your cover letter of interest and your resume to bsadirector@bspc.org.


  1. Complete the BSA Candidate Information Form
  2. Complete the BSA Preferred Schedule Form
  3. Have or create your OCCRRA Account. Select “Broad Street Achievement Programs of BSPC” as your work site.
  4. Submit your Verification of High School Education to bsadirector@bspc.org
  5. Request your BCI and FBI Background Check
  6. [In-Person Staff Only] Have your physician complete the JFS01296 Staff Medical Statement
  7. Complete the following training via OCCRRA.org.

.       VOLUNTEERS AND EMPLOYEE TRAINING REQUIREMENTS  (After Clearance of Application):

  1. ODJFS Child Abuse One-Hour Overview 2020-2021 (1-hour / No Cost)
  2. Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect (1-hour / No Cost)
  3. Communicable Disease (During Orientation for Volunteers / No Cost – 6-hour Paid by BSA for Employees)
  4. First Aid/CPR (For staff working in-person with youth (optional) / 3-hour Paid by BSA for Employees)
  5. Child Care Center Orientation Training (6-hour / No Cost / During Orientation)


  • Ohio’s Approach to Quality (for SUTQ employees – 2-hour / No Cost)
  • Ohio’s Overview of Child Development (for SUTQ  employees – 3 hour / No Cost)

After completing all the above documentation, register for an upcoming interview. Select here to register.

All interviews/orientations are via Zoom on the internet. After registering, you will receive an email with the link to join the interview/orientation. Upcoming interview/orientation opportunities are:

  • You will receive notice after registering.

Or email bsadirector@bspc.org and type “Volunteer Interest” or “Employment Interest” in the Subject line of your email.

We consider all volunteers and employees to be staff members of our program. Our program volunteers and employees must first attend a group interview, then an orientation training, and finally an onboarding session. Accepted Volunteers or employees will be required to complete a staff information form and background check. Minimum education requirement is a high school diploma. In addition, all staff will be required to complete a 1-hour Child Abuse and COVID-19 Safety training.

Though paid employees are important to the direct services we provide for the full program days, volunteers are crucial to the work we do. Without volunteers, we would struggle to provide quality programming. Therefore, we require volunteers to commit a minimum of one day per week, one hour each day, for at least an entire semester.

Philanthropy Opportunities – Donate

Without donors generous support, providing quality programming for youth and families in our community would cease. Without you, no us. Using the following donation link below, please give. Thank you! Donate

Become a Partner

Partners, as major donors, help us sustain the resources needed to achieve quality programming:

Become a partner with BSA.

Contact Information

Site: 760 E Broad St., Columbus, OH 43205

Email: bsadirector@bspc.org

Phone: 614-401-6418