Annual Campaign 2021:
Being Church In a Pandemic

These days, as scattered and weary as we might feel, we are learning and discovering new ways of Being Church in a Pandemic.

Like many around us, some of us, too, are overwhelmed with work and school; others with loneliness and isolation, others with grief.  Some have lost jobs, or are dealing with salary reductions or lost benefits.  This tough time impacts all of us.

Being part of the community of Broad Street Presbyterian Church helps us endure and persevere… and hope.

Throughout this time, church leadership continues to ask: In the future, what do we hope we can say about how Broad Street responded to the current crisis?  Here is how the Session has been answering this question:

• We responded with flexibility, creativity, and generosity.
• We reminded people of their connection to God and to one another.
• We reached out and supported the most vulnerable in our congregation and community.
• We engaged in the work of addressing racism.
• We showed up, in imperfect and incomplete ways. We showed up.

Session also asks, what are the most important things for us to do right now?  They affirm:

• Feed our neighbors (Food Pantry); help our neighbors stay housed (COMPASS); and support children and families (Broad Street Achievement).
• Intentionally work toward becoming an anti-racist congregation and participate in the fight for racial justice and equality in the larger community.
• Connect people to God and to one another
• Offer connection and support to the isolated and vulnerable.
• Offer perspective and grounding to the overwhelmed.

God is at work through this church we love.  Offer to God what you are able. These days it may feel easier to give than to pledge.  Yet, with some families facing significant financial uncertainty, if your own situation seems relatively stable, a pledge would greatly assist the church in planning for 2021 in these challenging times. If circumstances change, we’ll honor that change.  Together, by grace, we will continue Being Church in a Pandemic – for our community and our world and for one another.

Mark Gallant, Session Amy Miracle, Pastor Ann Palmerton, Associate Pastor


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