COMPASS (Congregational Outreach Ministries Program of Assistance & Social Service), founded in 1982, is an outreach ministry of Broad Street Presbyterian Church in partnership with other Faith-Based Organizations, collaborating to prevent homelessness and promote self-sufficiency.

For 36 years, COMPASS has assisted those in our community with one-time emergency financial assistance. COMPASS has been working to prevent homelessness and promote self-sufficiency by providing direct short term financial assistance for emergency housing, offering targeted need referrals and for individuals/families in the Central Ohio.

COMPASS provides services to prevent homelessness and stall evictions, allowing families to remain in their homes. We also refer individuals and families to other agencies within the community. COMPASS does not provide assistance for utility bills in default with the gas or electric company or for tenants scheduled to be evicted within the next 2 business days. Please note there is no guarantee of assistance. COMPASS is a site for Neighbor to Neighbor applications for AEP customers only.

If you meet all of the qualifications below, please call us at the number below.

  • You must be employed (full-time, part-time or temporary) or was employed anytime between January 1, 2020 to December 2021
  • You must have a late notice or disconnect notice.
  • Disconnect or eviction cannot be scheduled for within the next 2 business days
  • We do not pay reconnect fees or rental deposits
  • You must have a documented reason for falling behind in the payment
  • There is a $1,000 limit for rental assistance and a $300 limit for utility assistance
  • There is never a guarantee of funding.  We reserved the right to place applications on hold whenever our funding becomes low.

Click To Call Us (614-429-5979) for more information about COMPASS and to request assistance.

If you have experienced hardship due to COVID 19 and need assistance to pay your rent or utility bills, you MAY be eligible for The Stable Housing Initiative (Broad Street Presbyterian Church ERA 1) Program. If you meet all of the qualifications below, please fill out the online form below.

You may qualify if you can answer yes to the following questions.

  1. Are you a renter household in Franklin County?
  1. Does your household income meet the program’s limits? At or under 80% AMI


$46,950     2  $53,650     $60,350    4  $67,050    5  $72,450     $77,800    7  $83,150    8  $88,550

  1. Has someone in your household (1) qualified for unemployment or (2) had a decrease in income or increase in expenses due to Covid-19?
  1. Is someone in your household at risk for housing instability or homelessness?

Here are some examples of COVID directly or indirectly hardships:

  • Reduction in household income
  • Significant cost increases
  • Healthcare costs, including care at home for individuals with COVID-19
  • Purchase of personal protected equipment (i.e., gloves, face masks, face shields)
  • Penalties, fees, and legal costs associated with rental or utility payments owed
  • Payments for rent or utilities made by credit card
  • Moving costs to avoid homelessness or housing instability
  • Increased childcare costs
  • Internet access and computer costs required to work or attend school remotely
  • Alternative transportation costs
  • Forced leave from work due to school closure or childcare changes
  • Other ( you may submit your COVID hardship if none of the above apply)

Click Here To Call (614-429-5979) and Request COVID-ERA Funding Assistance >

Volunteers are critical to our success. If you would like to volunteer at COMPASS or are a high school student looking to earn service hours for graduation, please contact the COMPASS Office.

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We always need support. If you wish to donate and support please click the following link.

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