March 30, 2021

Where is Jesus?

We are in the middle of Holy Week, the last week of Jesus’ life. For many centuries, Christians have reenacted these days, following from Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, through his final teachings to the Passover meal that becomes his Last Supper, to the prayer in the garden, betrayal, arrest, mock trial, way of the Cross, and execution.

This is our week to walk with Jesus. To follow him into the darkness. To follow him into the light of resurrection.

But that’s not the whole story. Just as we walk with Jesus, he walks with us. Especially this year. He is walking with the families who lost a loved one in shootings in Atlanta and Boulder. He is walking with those struggling from the long term effects of Covid. He is walking with those who fear that they will be kicked out of their homes. He is walking with all those in prison. He is walking with all those who are holding their breath as Derek Chauvin’s trial begins. He is walking with all who are experiencing debilitating loneliness and isolation. He is walking with all those who ache for something more, for a more whole and just way of being in the world.

Jesus walks with us. Jesus travels this Holy Week with us.  This is a time to remember how Jesus our brother suffered as we do; how we are bound together with him in the most human of ways.

During this Holy Week, I invite you into a new question. Instead of thinking “Where am I in Jesus’ story?” ask yourself, “Where is Jesus in my story?” I don’t think we will discover that he is a friend who betrays, or a corrupt judge wanting to wash his hands of our case, or someone who auctions off our coat as we shiver in fear. No. Jesus is with us. Walking right next to us. Tears in his eyes, remembering his own dark days, and entering into our days of fear and uncertainty.

And he will be the first to celebrate when we experience Resurrection. He’s been there; done that. And he can’t wait to share it with us.

Where is Jesus in your story? Where is Jesus right now in the story of the world?

-Written by Amy Miracle

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