In the slow-to-evolve landscape of Christian music, a group of talented individuals has redefined the narrative at the intersection of faith and identity. These LGBTQIA+ Christian musicians not only bring their unique voices and experiences to the forefront but also challenge traditional norms within the Christian music scene. Let’s explore the stories and sounds of four extraordinary artists—Jennifer Knapp, Semler, Flamy Grant, and Trey Pearson—who are reshaping the conversation on faith, love, and acceptance.


Jennifer Knapp

Trailblazer in Christian Music

Jennifer Knapp stands as a trailblazer. She bravely navigated the intersection of Christianity and queerness at a time when not many had done so before her. With a powerful voice and introspective lyrics, Knapp’s music, including albums like “Kansas” and “Lay It Down,” explores themes of love, doubt, and spirituality.

Daddy daddy do you miss me. The way I crawled upon your knee.Those childish games of hide and seek seem a million miles away.Am I lost in some illusion. or am I what you thought I’d be.Now it seems I’ve found myself in need to be forgiven. Is there still room upon that knee?

-“Whole Again” by Jennifer Knapp

Despite her success in the late 90s, Knapp faced adversity when her sexual identity became known, leading to her being essentially blacklisted and ousted from the Christian music industry, an industry she once dominated. Her resilience and authenticity continue to inspire those seeking harmony between faith and personal identity. Knapp has since made a comeback, releasing new music and touring throughout the states.


Song recommendations:

  • Undo Me
  • A Little More
  • Martyrs & Thieves



Honest Storytelling and Unfiltered Faith

Grace Baldridge, also known as Semler, has taken the queer Christian music scene by storm with their raw and unfiltered storytelling. Their album “Preacher’s Kid” boldly addresses the challenges faced by those who grow up in conservative Christian environments. Sticking with their bold style, Semler released a single called “TobyMac” which acts almost as an open letter to the Christian music industry. In the song, Semler acknowledges Jennifer Knapp’s struggle by referring to Knapp’s song, “A Little More,”

Is it hard to be oblivious?Did you flinch when you threw “A Little More” under the bus?But when the check comes is it glorious?What’s it cost to ignore us?

-“TobyMac” by Semler

Their music provides a space for LGBTQIA+ individuals to see their experiences reflected and validates the complex relationship between faith and queerness.


Song recommendations:

  • Late Bloomer
  • Wanna Grab Coffee?
  • Be Like Jesus


Flamy Grant

Soulful Melodies and Spiritual Reflections

Flamy Grant, a rising star in the LGBTQIA+ Christian music scene, infuses soulful melodies with spiritual reflections. Their EP “Beyond the Rainbow” emphasizes themes of love, acceptance, and the inherent value of every individual. The artist’s name “Flamy Grant” cleverly plays on words, referencing the well-known Christian artist Amy Grant. This playful nod serves as a testament to Flamy Grant’s ability to blend humor with depth, adding a unique and vibrant voice to the conversation. Most recently, Flamy teamed up with Semler and Christian music veteran Derek Webb to ruffle the feathers of the Christian music industry. Sporting their finest and loudest outfits they could muster, they attended the Dove Awards in an effort to take up space and bring representation to a space traditionally not friendly to the LGBTQIA+ community. While Derek Webb does not identify as LGBTQIA+, he wore a dress in solidarity with Flamy and Semler. Flamy Grant and Derek Webb recently released a powerful single called “Boys Will Be Girls” which I highly recommend.

Sometimes boys will be girls
Sometimes armor will be pearls
What you put on, oh, it shows the world
How hard you’re fighting
Brother, somеtimes boys will be girls

-“Boys Will be Girls” by Flamy Grant and Derek Webb


Song recommendations:

  • Esther, Ruth, and Rahab
  • I Am Not Ashamed
  • Good Day


Trey Pearson

High-Energy Exploration of Identity

Trey Pearson, known for his work as the lead singer of the Christian rock band Everyday Sunday, hails from right here in Columbus, Ohio! You may have seen him performing at Columbus Pride, either on a parade float or at one of the stages. He made headlines when he came out as gay in an interview with 614 Magazine in 2016. His solo career, including the album “Love Is Love,” features introspective tracks that delve into the journey of self-discovery and acceptance. By sharing his story through powerful melodies and honest lyrics, Trey Pearson continues to contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the intersection of faith and personal identity in the realm of Christian music. Trey featured his friend and fellow queer artist Semler on a newly released version of his song “Hey Jesus” that I cannot recommend enough, but, have the tissues ready.

Hey Jesus can you hear me out
I just want to love like everyone else
I was wonderin’ since you made me this way
Do you want me to fall in love?
To know what it’s like to love someone else
In the most intimate way

‘Cause I know that I could never change
I tried so hard, brought so much pain
And I just wanna be loved for who I am
I know that I could never change
I tried so hard, brought so much pain
And I just wanna be loved for who I am
I just wanna be loved for who I am

-“Hey Jesus” by Trey Pearson, Feat. Semler


Song recommendations:

  • Love Is Love
  • Hey Jesus
  • Silver Horizon


These four LGBTQIA+ Christian musicians—Jennifer Knapp, Semler, Flamy Grant, and Trey Pearson—illustrate the rich diversity of voices within the intersection of faith and identity. Their stories and melodies challenge preconceived notions, fostering a more inclusive and compassionate conversation within the Christian music scene. As we celebrate these artists, we contribute to the ongoing journey toward acceptance and understanding, promoting a harmonious blend of faith and queerness in the world of music.



-Blog by Kyle Fox, BSPC Marketing and Communications Manager

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