The theme for this year’s Annual Campaign 2022 is A Future with Hope.  On Sunday, Broad Streeter Tammy Roy spoke in in-person worship about how Broad Street gives her hope for the future.

Often when we use the word hope, it is referring to something we want or desire but with little or no confidence it will be realized. For example, we might say, “I hope I get the job,” or “I hope I passed my test.” In other words, we’re hoping, but not really hopeful ~ wanting something but not really sure it will happen. In other words, this is wishful thinking. This is how we hope with our finite, worldly minds.

But the Hope that Broad Street offers us is biblical Hope. This Hope is constant and ever present. When our daughter Courtney was seriously ill and after she passed, Broad Street showed up for us with prayers, cards, communion, phone calls, visits, and meals. They gave us comfort and strength to endure one of the hardest things we’ve had to go through in our lives.

God uses each of us to show us what Hope is. We experienced that Hope, we know that Hope, and we remember that Hope. That Hope that God provides through His church and His people.

In her book titled “Book of Hope” Nancy Guthrie writes that “Hope is like a memory of the future- a God-secured, God-infused, and God-glorifying future.” This Hope is certain even though it has not been realized yet, but God reminds us that it is sure to happen.

Broad Street has given me hope for the future by being there for us in the past, by being consistently consistent. And, by being remarkably creative and adaptable especially with all the challenges of the past 20 months, yet still meeting the needs of its members and community neighbors.

This church gives us hope so we can reveal our better selves by practicing patience and compassion; by providing comfort, counsel, and tangible resources to those in need; and by supporting social justice.

In essence, Broad Street provides a future of hope for us all. We are pledging toward BSPC’s annual campaign simply because we want to see its Missions and Ministries continue to grow and thrive, and we hope you all will do the same.

After Tammy spoke, Richard pulled out his phone and played Sister Sledge’s We are Family, reminding us how, by faith, we all are related to one another, and offer hope to one another.


How does Broad Street give you hope?



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  1. Louanne Zipfel October 28, 2021 at 7:27 am - Reply

    Very well said!

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