Social Justice Spotlight – Lisa Brownell

“What a great idea to train Ohio’s workforce to be disaster responders!  Everyone should do this.” -- Lisa Brownell   As a program manager for Ohio’s State Historic Tax Credit Program, Lisa Brownell is used to traveling around the state to find ways to rehabilitate and save historical commercial buildings.  With M.A. and Ph.D degrees [...]

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Global Vaccine Equity

Here in Columbus, Ohio and throughout the United States, we have been heartened by the numbers of people getting vaccinated against Covid-19.  In casual conversation we’re talking about our experience of getting the vaccine, or our desire to receive it.  Overall, we’ve been encouraged by our country’s acquisition of and distribution of the vaccines.  In [...]

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Loved and Chosen

This past week I heard Anne Lamott talk about teaching Sunday School. Lamott is a successful writer, sought-after speaker and a Presbyterian. She attends a small church in Marin County, California where she teaches Sunday school.  Pre-pandemic, most weeks, her class did something she calls Loved and Chosen. Here is how it goes: First, Lamott would [...]

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10 Natural Ohio Destinations Where You Can Feel God’s Presence

My environment affects me more than I would care to admit. As someone with Seasonal Affective Disorder (seasonal depression), the past several months have been quite difficult. If you are unfamiliar with Seasonal Affective Disorder, here is a quick definition from Web MD...   Seasonal depression is a mood disorder that happens every year at the same time. A [...]

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5 People Who Have Had the Biggest Impact on my Faith

  The other day, someone challenged me to identify the five people who have had the biggest impact on my faith. It was tough to narrow it down. My final list included three pastors and two lay people. Four of the five have died. They are all amazing people who showed me what it means [...]

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Don’t Forget, You’re Going to Die

Today is Ash Wednesday. It’s my favorite church day of the year. I love this yearly reminder that we are dust and to dust, we shall return; that we are mortal, finite. All of us have an expiration date. Remembering our mortality has the power to keep us humble, grateful, justice-seeking, and right-sized. One of [...]

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