I am going to make some assumptions.

  1. You’ve decorated.
  2. Cookies have been baked and sprinkled.
  3. Gingerbread houses were assembled and snacked on.
  4. You have heard every SINGLE Christmas song you wanted to catch on the radio.
  5. Even though the days are darker and darker, those twinkle lights are keeping your drives and walks merry and bright.
  6. Elves have destroyed parts of your home… those sneaky little ones.
  7. You have watched every Christmas movie you must see each season (except A Christmas Story, waiting for an all-day marathon on the 25th).
  8. You have written and mailed notes to Santa or heard stories of children you care about doing so.
  9. You definitely either drive or have driven by a car that has been transformed into a reindeer.
  10. Your diet has included some hot chocolate.


If you have checked off even a couple of these things from the list, you have experienced so much of the magic of this season in our culture.


Now, I want to invite you to pause between now and Christmas Day to tap into some of the faith rituals that also add magic to your season.


Here is a list of rituals to consider doing:

  • Spiritual Practice of Giving – Curl up on your sofa and consider an organization to donate to that connects to your faith and Christmas. Donate to refugee resettlement because Jesus was a refugee, or donate toys because Jesus was a baby and it is his birthday… you decide!
  • Gratitude – Name aloud or journal about what you are grateful to God for this season.
  • Rest and Be Gentle – This season has the pressure to go, go, go, so pause and take time for holy rest… if God can rest on the 7th day and bask in the world’s goodness, we are invited to as well. And be gentle on yourself when things don’t go perfectly, they rarely do. Give yourself rest and gentleness these next few days.
  • Read the Story – Read the Birth Stories in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. And notice your crèche nativity set and consider what each person in the story was feeling. How are you feeling this season?
  • Listen to Christmas Carols – Listen to your favorite carols that share the good news of Jesus entering the world. Mine is Go Tell It On The Mountain by Mahalia Jackson or Dolly Parton… very different versions, but both are so good!
  • Worship on Christmas Eve – Here or there or in virtual air… you can worship on Christmas Eve, and each of our services will include candles and the singing of Silent Night. Learn More.


I hope this season has included some twinkle, magic, wonder, and mystery. I hope this season has brought you closer to God. I hope the next few days leading up to Christmas Day are filled with love and joy… And if not, that’s ok, God will be near you no matter what.


-Written by Brittany Porch

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