Here at Broad Street Presbyterian Church, we believe in loving our neighbors and caring for those in need. That’s why we’re deeply concerned about the alarming rise in eviction filings in Columbus and Franklin County.


This isn’t just a statistic – it’s families facing the threat of losing their homes. Stable housing is crucial for everything from physical and mental health to job security.


What We’re Doing to Help:

  • COMPASS, our neighborhood ministry, is actively involved. We partner with organizations like Community Mediation Services and Legal Aid to prevent evictions and support those facing housing instability.
  • COMPASS has also collaborated with the City and County to distribute Emergency Rental Assistance funds to thousands of families. This program has been a lifeline for many during the pandemic.
  • With federal funding running low, we need your help. Our spring fund drive will raise flexible funds to continue supporting our partners and neighbors facing housing insecurity.


Why This Matters:

The eviction crisis has multiple causes, including rising rents, lack of affordable housing, and increased living costs. Without stable housing, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain a job or overall well-being.


Join Us in Making a Difference:

By participating in our spring fund drive, you’re helping ensure everyone in our community has access to safe and affordable housing. Please consider donating and spreading the word about this important initiative. You can donate online here:


Together, we can demonstrate the love of Christ through our actions and make a real difference in the lives of our neighbors.


-Written by Ian Nickey

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  1. Beth Malchus Stafa & Tom Stafa May 1, 2024 at 5:06 pm - Reply

    I had the pleasure of meeting Representative Dontaviaus Jarells yesterday. He is District 1 (BSPC) representative for Ohio House. Rep. Jarells is working on eviction and will be or has introduce legislation regarding housing and eviction.

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