Time for some more get-to-know-the-staff fun, this time with a different group of staff members!

Responding to the questions are:

  • Tracy Ross, Director of Neighborhood Ministries
  • Cheryl Carter, Director of Finance and Operations
  • Robin Green, Director of COMPASS
  • Rosalind Swayne, Receptionist
  • Kyle Fox, Marketing and Communications Manager


What’s your favorite part of your job?

    • Tracy – Meeting caring people & forging meaningful partnerships
    • Cheryl – Working with the BSPC staff team and the congregational committees
    • Robin – Helping a family problem solve to find the solution to their housing instability.
    • Rosalind – The interacting with the staff
    • Kyle – Being able to be creative and problem-solve on a regular basis


Favorite Restaurant in Columbus?

    • Tracy – Cap City Diner or closer to home, Lindey’s
    • Cheryl – NorthStar Cafe for the ricotta pancakes
    • Robin – Fusion
    • Rosalind – El Vaquero
    • Kyle – La Casita


One weird fact about you?

    • Tracy – Life is weird & I wouldn’t have it any other way
    • Cheryl – I am learning to do dead weightlifting.
    • Robin – I can be a bit eccentric at times.
    • Rosalind – Can’t think of just one thing
    • Kyle – I go through phases of special interests where I get really interested in something for a short while and have to learn as much about it as I can. Usually, these special interests stay with me in the long run but not always. Some special interests of mine over the past couple of years that stuck with me include birding, learning about the tequila industry and additive-free tequila, and disc golf.


Favorite band or musical artist?

    • Tracy – Stevie Wonder
    • Cheryl – Rolling Stones, Prince, 21 Pilots, Lady Gaga to name a few
    • Robin – Fred Hammond
    • Rosalind – O’Jays
    • Kyle – Can’t pick just one… Semler, Bo Burnham, Run the Jewels, Blink 182, and Rush are some of my favorites


Vacation preference… mountains, beach or city?

    • Tracy – Mountains
    • Cheryl – Beach
    • Robin – Beach
    • Rosalind – City
    • Kyle – Beach


Favorite Scripture Verse?

    • Tracy – All things are possible if you believe – Mark 9:23
    • Cheryl – Mark 12: 30-31
    • Robin – Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning
    • Rosalind – Jeremiah 29:11
    • Kyle – 1 Corinthians 12:12-13


A favorite work memory?

    • Tracy – Watching March Madness with colleagues over lunch, or being in conversation with Kojo as he was waiting for artists to drop off their art
    • Cheryl – Any day our team has a good laugh together.
    • Robin – Seeing parents cry when they are able to give their children their Christmas gifts.
    • Rosalind – All the good laughs with the people in the dept.
    • Kyle – Anytime I hear about folks who visit BSPC because they found us on social media/Google


A book, movie, or show that has shaped your life?

    • Tracy – The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, although I’m sure I need to reread
    • Cheryl – Recently, Ted Lasso and Shrinking. Right now, I’m reading Women Rowing North by M. Pipher
    • Robin – The Bible
    • Rosalind – Touched By an Angel 
    • Kyle – The Lord of the Rings movies (extended editions, of course)


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