Here in Columbus, OH and throughout the United States, we have been heartened by the numbers of people getting vaccinated against Covid-19.  In casual conversation we’re talking about our experience of getting the vaccine, or our desire to receive it.  Overall, we’ve been encouraged by our country’s acquisition of and distribution of the vaccines.  In other words, we’re feeling pretty good about ourselves.

Today we share an impassioned article by BSPC Mission Co-Worker Jed Koball about Global Vaccine Equity.  Many of you know Jed and Jenny from their years of being in relationship with Broad Street.  In fact, Jed and Jenny will read scripture in this week’s online worship service!  Jed writes from his vantage point in Peru, in the Global South.  I deeply respect Jed’s prophetic words, and commend to you his call to the North American church to take a prominent, leading role in the fight for global vaccine equity.


What is one way you can use your voice to advocate for global vaccination?

-Written by Ann Palmerton

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  1. Annette kuss March 24, 2021 at 2:41 pm - Reply

    In casual conversation, talk about the importance of everyone everywhere getting vaccinated.

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