What does it mean to Love Thy Neighbor?


In a world often filled with division and hardship, the timeless principle of, “Love Thy Neighbor” shines as a beacon of hope and unity. At BSPC Neighborhood Ministries, we are dedicated to embodying this principle with our support, assistance, and compassion for those in need.


That is why we chose “Love Thy Neighbor” as our theme for this year’s fundraising campaign.


At our Food Pantry, “Love Thy Neighbor” means not only serving 50+ families every day but also creating a minority farmer’s co-op to deliver more fresh produce to our families.


For our COMPASS homeless prevention Ministry, “Love Thy Neighbor” means compassionately responding to nearly 100 calls a day from families in crisis, in their hour of need to avoid homelessness. And our work is so well-respected the City of Columbus entrusted us with the responsibility of relocating residents from the unsafe buildings at Latitude Five25 and Colonial Village.


Living by the principle of, “Love Thy Neighbor” means you create a new Ministry called Near Neighborhood Partnering Ministry, to facilitate efforts of neighbors to create the Bronzeville Communications Network and facilitate training and provide financial grants for five minority business start-ups.


There are even more Ministries that are out and about in our community working hard to make our neighbors’ lives better. Please look in your mail this week for a letter providing more details on this year’s campaign.


We take great pride in the work Neighborhood Ministries is doing and fully understand it can only continue with your support. We have set an ambitious goal of raising $215,000 this year so the great work can continue.


I will leave you with this quote about our Food Pantry,

“Very wonderful place, very friendly and caring…..this place is so helpful, they are a blessing.”


Please give generously.


-Written by Kenny Brown

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