In late fall, I prepare my garden for winter. I add compost to the soil, cover the garden beds with straw, and plant new bulbs for Spring. There’s hope that the work done in October will lead to beautiful and bountiful returns in April, May, and June. When I plant, I’m often reminded of the proverb about planting trees whose shade we’ll never sit in. It’s about hope.


It’s a joy to share the love of planting with my child, in the garden and through church at home.


This Lenten season, families are again gathering on Zoom to play games, share stories, learn facts about flowers, and plant seeds. There’s also games, puzzles, and silliness. So far, we have planted two bulbs, snowdrop seeds, and sunflower seeds. It’s a lovely reminder that Spring, with its blossoms, buds, longer days, and warmer temperatures, is coming.


At this Sunday’s Zoom, Brittany reminded us about the return of Spring that comes every year. It is a fulfilled promise each time. As the children planted their seeds, putting their hands in the dirt, adding a small amount of water, and checking the progress of their plantings, there was hope and promise. A hope that the bulbs and seeds will bloom. And, the promise that, like Spring, God is always there.


-Blog by Charlyn Bohland

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