Do you remember the last time you held an infant?  Your child, your grandchild or someone you knew.

What were your feelings/thoughts?  Love, care, precious, innocent, cute, full of potential.

I have been blessed to hold a number of infants in the past several years, either foster children or grandchildren.  Particularly when I am holding them alone at night; I feel in awe, as if I am seeing the “face of God” up close.


I think that you and I can agree that all children deserve the opportunity to achieve their full potential.  


Did you know that the life expectancy of a child born and raised in Bronzeville, the area around the church, is 17 years less than if that child was born in neighboring Bexley?  How about that in the public schools, only 15% of the Bronzeville kids are achieving reading proficiency by 3rd grade, versus 85% in Bexley?


The difference in life expectancy, health, education and opportunities are driven from historical redlining, cutting the neighborhood up through the building of highways and other systematic racist practices.  


There is no one silver bullet to solve all the issues that have resulted in where the neighborhood is today.  However, we do have the ability to partner and address issues for improvement. 


Through Broad Street’s support, our Near Neighborhood Partnering Ministry is working with residents around the church to help address issues challenging youth and others living here.  We are working to strengthen youth programs, schools, communications systems and business development.  Through partnering with our neighbors and neighborhood organizations we help contribute to developing a thriving community for all.


During this recent Neighborhood Ministries’ fundraising campaign please consider making a donation. For those who have already given, THANK YOU and Blessings!


-Written by Bruce Hill

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