October 13, 2020

Being Church in a Pandemic: For Our Youth

During this strange and unpredictable year, Broad Street’s middle and high schoolers have been attending a Youth Group that looks a little different than normal. 

As we’ve gathered outside six feet apart, our youth have been teaching us fun and unique ways to stay connected during these isolating times. Wearing masks, each week we share the ways in which we remain in contact with others, practice self-care, and nurture our faith in such uncertain times.

Online video games with friends, sending handwritten cards, sitting three to a table in the lunchroom, facetiming with grandparents “because they need us”; Our middle and high schoolers are feeling the need to stay connected, just like we are: 

Online games are a nice way to talk with my friends, without being together in person.

I haven’t been able to attend any birthday parties this year, because it’s not safe.

They, too, are affected by the isolation this pandemic can lead to, and it’s clear the kids are taking this virus seriously.  With empathy and compassion, our youth discuss how important it is to stay safe and keep others safe during this time.

It can be eye-opening to see how a global pandemic can affect young people in our community, but getting together on Sundays has provided a much-needed outlet for the kids and Youth Group leaders alike:

This is the only place I’m allowed to go. 

On Sundays, we play group games from six feet apart, we laugh about glitches in hybrid learning and we support each other as we discuss the difficult moments this year has brought us.  We discuss stress, worry, sick family members and friends, boredom, and maybe a little too much family time at home as we build marshmallow towers and throw water balloons from afar.

Whether it is reading, drawing, listening to podcasts, crafting, or spending time with pets, our youth take turns sharing what’s helping get them through the long, stressful days of this pandemic. The kids nod in solidarity as some share how it can be difficult seeing kids hang out outside of school because they know it’s not safe, or how they haven’t been able to visit with certain family members, in person, since the beginning of the pandemic. They show warmth and kindness to each other, never judgment.

Though this has undoubtedly been a stressful year for adults and kids alike, it has been inspiring to see the positive perspective our youth bring to the table. Our youth are smart, intuitive, compassionate, and understanding.  But best of all, they’re hopeful and optimistic enough to play, laugh, and imagine, during what feels like a heavy time. 

Our giving supports vital, creative, and fun youth ministry.  Because of the church’s giving our youth have the one safe place they’re allowed to go.  Click here to learn more about pledging to the 2021 Annual Campaign and support youth ministry at Broad Street.

How is church helping you get through the pandemic?  What are you doing to play?  To laugh? Let us know in the comments below.


–Jill Alexander, BSPC Youth Advisor



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  1. Betty Lou Stull October 14, 2020 at 10:49 am - Reply

    Today I’m planting crocuses with the hope that they will bring new colorful life in the early spring. Being outside has been helpful to me, and I do wonder what the winter will bring. There should be lots of time for inside sorting aand throwing away, something I need to do, but am not good at. I love the image of Broad Street youth sharing together during this challenging time. May you continue to see God’s presence all around you and in each person.

    • Brittany Porch October 14, 2020 at 12:37 pm - Reply

      Thanks Betty Lou for sharing. Outside time in the company of others has been lovely. Our youth have certainly been a bright spot to each other and the adults who work with them.

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