Last week was Thanksgiving, a time when we are invited to name that for which we are grateful. Given all of the challenges of these days, naming our gratitude seems more important than ever. I want to return to the six-word story form. In May, I invited you to share your six-word story about the pandemic.


Here is a sample:

-Working from home is not easy.

-Not allowed to hug – so HARD

-Zoom meeting
Zoom life
Slowed down

-Fear, resentment give way to gratitude.


This week, I invite you to share a six-word story that focuses on gratitude. You may just want to simply name some of the things for which you are grateful. Here are a few I created:

-Risotto, piles of leaves, Facetime, books

-Long walks, puzzles, awesome neighbors, Netflix


Or you may want to reflect on the power of gratitude.

-Even now, especially now, feeling grateful

-Less noise. God’s presence more obvious.


I invite you to share your six-word stories of gratitude in the comment section below, or on social media.


-Written by Amy Miracle



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