5 Christmas Traditions and Their Origins

Most Christmas traditions have deep historical roots.  Here are five of my favorites:   Christmas Trees Evergreen fir trees have always been popular as winter decorations. Ancient peoples displayed the branches as a reminder that spring would eventually come. Romans put branches of fir trees around temples to honor Saturn, the god of agriculture. The [...]

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The 5 Best Christmas Songs Ever?

This is a tough one. In no particular order, I would include... -Go Tell It on the Mountain -Love Came Down at Christmas -Christians and the Pagans (Dar Williams) -Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas -O Holy Night   When asked to name my favorite Christmas songs, I always include O Holy Night. It’s one [...]

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Choose Your Own Thanksgiving Devotion

We are aware that on this week of Thanksgiving 2020, we aren’t all in the same place. Some of us are living in a space of gratitude. For some of us, we are experiencing more fear and sadness than thankfulness. So today, we are offering two different devotions – one that leans more towards gratitude [...]

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Being Church in a Pandemic: Worship at Home

Back: Jon McQuillin, Monte York - Front: Diane Hymans, Kathy Carnahan During the pandemic, four Broad Streeters who live at Ohio Living Westminster Thurber have been gathering for worship.  On Sundays at 1:30 p.m., they gather in Monte York’s apartment.  They wear masks and sit in a socially distanced way.  Together, they watch [...]

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Being Church in a Pandemic: Musical Moments

  Bill Boggs, Broad Street’s Director of Music Ministry, grew up on the west side of Columbus.  He and his family attended Westminster Presbyterian Church on Schoolhouse Lane.  On Sundays, as worship concluded with the postlude, young Bill would hurry over to sit next to Charles, the church organist, to watch him play.  Later, during [...]

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Being Church in a Pandemic: For Our Youth

During this strange and unpredictable year, Broad Street’s middle and high schoolers have been attending a Youth Group that looks a little different than normal.  As we’ve gathered outside six feet apart, our youth have been teaching us fun and unique ways to stay connected during these isolating times. Wearing masks, each week we share [...]

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Why Curiosity Is a Spiritual Discipline

Somewhere along the line, curiosity got a bad reputation. Curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity led Pandora to open a box full of misery. But, I think this is a good time to embrace curiosity. Curiosity, I would argue is an excellent antidote to uncertainty and fear. Celeste Ng is a novelist who wrote Little Fires [...]

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